The Charleston Area Hamfest and Computer Show, Inc. November 3, 2016 business meeting was held at Shoney’s, Restaurant Kanawha Boulevard, Charleston, WV.

Attendance: (7)   Randy Damron, N8XEA; Jim Damron, N8TMW; Rick Cummings, WV8RC;                        
                             Edsil Prunty, KA8ISQ; Ann Rinehart, KA8ZGY; Dave Ellis, WA8WV; Sue Damron, KC8IGU.

The meeting was called to Order by President Randy Damron, N8XEA.



Election of Officers: Randy presented the Slate of Officers for the years November 2016 – October 2018:
                          President, Randy Damron, N8XEA; Vice President Jim Damron, N8TNW;
                           Secretary, Ann Rinehart, KA8ZGY; Treasurer, Jimmie Hewlett, WD8MKS.
               Discussion with no nominees from the floor, and motion to accept Slate by acclamation, approved.

Minutes: Ann presented minutes of the August 29, 2016 followed by discussion with motion to accept, approved.

Treasurers Report: No report at this time.


Hamfest Proposed Locations:
       Discussion occurred with defining proposed locations;

  • Belle Town Hall Gym – omitted due      to size, parking, egress, etc.
  • Kanawha City Recreation Center – omitted
  • Bible Center School, Corridor G – not      available for date
  • Parkway Supermarket, St. Albans – Flea      Market Stalls in spaces
  • University of Charleston Gym, Kanawha      City – construction in progress
  • North Charleston Community Center – too small
  • Twin City Bible Church, Nitro – too      small
  • Charleston Civic Center – pending –      Randy contacted Manager and shared tentative information regarding ½ half      of South Hall available March 24 & 25, 2017, tables, electricians,      parking, food (table set-up area), forum/meeting/VE Session Room (set-up      area), access time (Friday afternoon & all day Saturday). Randy      indicated cost is more than previous years with estimate of $1,350.00 per      day, parking $3.00, loading in and out no cost. Randy will follow-up with Civic Center      Manger and schedule a membership meeting.

It was moved by Rick, seconded by Dave to hold Hamfest at Civic Center, pending final contact with Civic Center Manager, motion approved.

Prizes: Discussion regarding main prizes being cash vs Certificate with no final decision at this time.


Antique Radio Museum – Huntington: Randy shared the desire for the Antique Radio Museum (ARM) to join the Hamfest as a group partner in the future.   Discussion with recommendation for the ARM to join the Hamfest and to have a separate area set up for them. This was acceptable for those in attendance. More information to come.

ARRL Application: Ann will firm up necessary information for the application at the follow-up meeting.

There being no other business the meeting was adjourned

TBD – AGENDA:(Committee Assignments and Functions).


L. Ann Rinehart, KA8ZGY, Secretary



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