The Charleston Area Hamfest and Computer Show, Inc. January 25, 2017 meeting started with a tour of the Charleston Civic Center the location for the March 25, 2017 Charleston Hamfest. The members toured the main location; the drive-in entry area; the entry to the main area and the conference room on the upper level.

The members moved to the Shoney’s, Restaurant, Kanawha Boulevard, Charleston, WV for the Business Session.

Attendance: (7)   Randy Damron, N8XEA; Terry Sanner, WV8V; Rick Cummings, WV8RC;                        
                            Ann Rinehart, KA8ZGY; Dave Ellis, WA8WV; Dave Poe, W8IW; Edsil Prunty, KA8ISQ.

The meeting was called to Order by President Randy Damron, N8XEA.

Minutes: Ann presented minutes of the November 14th, 2016 for review with motion by Dave, W8IW, seconded by Rick, WV8RC to accept the minutes as presented, the motion was approved.

Treasurers Report: No report - treasury balance of $11,115.48 from the November 3rd, 2016 meeting.



PROPOSED CHANGES TO Constitution and By-laws:

Article VI – AMENDMENTS: This Constitution and By‑Laws may be amended by a two‑thirds vote of the
             members in attendance. Proposals for amendments shall be submitted in writing at a regular
             meeting and shall be voted on at the next following regular meeting, provided the members have
             been notified of the intent to amend the Constitution and By‑Laws at said meeting. The notification
             requirement shall be met by an announcement at a member club's meeting or in the member club's

  • By-law 7 - DISSOLUTION: (PROPOSED CHANGE) (Submitted by      Jimmie, WD8MKS 11/2/2016))

Change By-law 7 from “In the event of the dissolution of this organization, all assets, if any shall be divided equally among the member clubs: The Kanawha Amateur and the Tri-Counties Ham Radio Club.” to “In the event of the dissolution of the organization all assets, if any, shall be divided equally among the Kanawha Amateur Radio Club and the WV State Radio Council.”

DISCUSSION:Terry, WV8V, expressed concern related to the distribution of funds should dissolution of the Charleston Hamfest occurred. He shared the past history of the initiation of the Charleston Hamfest with the three (3) clubs, KARC, St. Albans Emergency Service and the Computer Club with the Computer Club requesting to be removed from the Charleston Hamfest event, and the Computer Club was reimbursed their entry fee. He feels the KARC should be the only recipient of any funds. Discussion of need to review and resubmit a proposed change if this is the desire of the members.

CALL FOR VOTErelated to PROPOSED Change By-law 7 Dissolution: It was moved by Rick, seconded by Randy to call for vote with all in attendance opposing the proposed revision.


       (PROPOSED CHANGE)   (Submitted by Jimmie, WD8MKS)

Do Away with By-law 8: “Each year there shall be selected from Amateurs active in the Kanawha and/or Putnam Counties of West Virginia a "Kanawha Valley Amateur of the Year".     (08/12/97)

     The Executive Committee comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, shall appoint a trustworthy active member of The Charleston Area Hamfest and Computer Show, Inc. to act as Chairman-Kanawha Valley Amateur of the Year to be the recipient of the nominations and to handle as per the following instructions.

   Nominations for the "Kanawha Valley Amateur of the Year" shall be solicited from the entire Amateur community of Kanawha and Putnam Counties of West Virginia. Notice shall be sent to all known clubs in the above counties no later than December 1 of the year prior to the Charleston Area Hamfest and Computer Show, Inc.

   The nominations shall be sent to the Chairman Kanawha Valley Amateur of the Year (here after known as Chairman) of the Charleston Area Hamfest and Computer Show, Inc. no later than March 1 of the year that the award is to be presented.

The proper nomination shall include call sign, name, address and AMATEUR RELATED ACTIVITIES.  
In the event that any of the Officers or past winners of this award would be nominated for the current award the Chairman is instructed NOT to include their resume nor list them on the ballot sent to them. All other ballots would show their name and include their resume.

Charleston Hamfest Committee

January 25, 2017 Meeting, Page 2

No later than March 10 the Chairman shall mail ballots to the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Charleston Area Hamfest and Computer Show, Inc. and to the three (3) previous winners of the Kanawha Valley Amateur of the Year Award. (The year 1993 having no previous winners, the ballot will only go to the Executive Committee members. In 1994, 1995 and 1996 the winners will be added to the voting list until the above requirements are met).

   At no time shall there be more than one (1) vote person nor shall more than one (1) ballot, be sent to persons having a vote.

   The Chairman shall not have a vote unless there is a tie, then he shall have the tie-breaking vote.

   All persons voting must have a valid Amateur license issued by the Federal Communications Commission.

   The ballot shall include copies of the nominating letters as copied by the Chairman, also a stamped enveloped addressed to the Chairman. These ballots and all nominating letters must be completed and mailed (postmarked) no later than March 20 of the year the Award is to be presented.

   The Chairman shall count the ballots and obtain a plaque, keeping confidential the winner until the award is presented at noon on the day of the Charleston Area Hamfest and Computer Show, Inc.

   At the first regular meeting after the Hamfest the Chairman shall turn over to the President of the Charleston Area Hamfest and Computer Show, Inc., all votes, nominations and any other paper work used in determining the winner. The President shall review the voting results then DESTROY all papers concerned. The President shall keep this information confidential unless he encounters a discrepancy. Any discrepancies shall be resolved between the President and the Chairman.”

DISCUSSION: It was noted over the past several years that nominations for the Kanawha Valley Amateur
             of the Year (KVAOY) were not occurring. It was indicated the members should consider discontinuing the
             award at this time, and should interest be presented reinstitutes later.
             CALL FOR VOTE related to dissolution of the Charleston Hamfest Kanawha Valley Amateur of the
           Year: It was moved by Rick, seconded by Terry to dissolve this award – motion passed.


Museum of Radio and Technology, Huntington WV: Randy presented an overview of the group having a separate area with ten tables for display and selling of antique radios, providing demo’s of kit building to encourage the young people to participate, and possible Soldering ends on cable. Discussion with confirmation of a curtained area with tables will be provided for the group. Further discussion of participation will occur after the Hamfest.



    • Security and Signage: Edsil – will need more security for drive-in      area, and entry door when opened.
    • Ticket Sales: It was noted there is a ticket booth outside the entry door that      may be available for use which would provide selling of tickets while      participants wait to opening of the Hamfest. Randy will contact Jason, W8KTM, to see      if interest in coordinating the ticket sales. Entry Fee is $7.00 and Tables are $12.00      with electric $10.00.
    • Layout: Rick/Dave E – the Civic Center will initiate a layout of tables,      other seating areas and send to Rick.
    • Load-In: Dave P/Dave E – entry tickets will need to be available and several      to assist with unloading and moving to assigned tables.
    • Publicity: Jim/Danny Randy will continue to work on publicity and      possible attempt for Radio and TV plugs.
  • Talk –In: not confirmed at this time.
  • Set-Up Time: Friday, March 24th start at 3:00 PM; Saturday March 25th      6:00 AM
  • Concession: Randy will check with Civic Center management related to having concessions at 7:00 AM      or at least a coffee in a Break Room       - Breakfast will need to be early as the Civic Center does not      allow food to be brought in.
  • VE Testing: Terry/Dave confirm SIGN IN time at 12 Noon. It was noted there will be a Technician      Cram Session at the KVEAA on March 11th, 2017, 8:00 AM – 11:15      AM, followed by testing for candidates or anyone wanting to upgrade. Should the candidate fail test and want      to retest they would have the opportunity at the Hamfest.
         10:00 AM - ARRL Forum

10:30 AM - ARES® Forum

11:00 AM – WVSARC Meeting

  • Prizes: Randy confirms the prizes have been purchased. 1st =      $500.00 CASH; 2nd = 2 meter mobile; 3rd – Power      Supply. Hourly prizes for 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM will be a 2 meter HT, and      ARRL Gift certificates for forums.       Other prizes may be available for the hourly drawings.


There being no other business the meeting was adjourned.
NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, February 22, 2017, Shoney’s, Boulevard, Charleston, WV 5:00 PM

L. Ann Rinehart, KA8ZGY, Secretary



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