September 11, 2018 - BOD

KARC BOD Meeting September 11th,2018


TheKanawhaAmateurRadioClub(KARC)BoardofDirectors(BOD)meetingwascalledtoorder byPresident,TerrySanner,WV8V,at6:10PMat the PaneraBread,Southridge,South Charleston, WVonSeptember11th, 2018.

Attendees:TerrySanner,WV8V;MarkKozar,KM8G;Ann,KA8ZGY,Alan,KB8VDA; Paul,W8SBH;Russ,KE8DMB.

Minutes:Ann,KA8ZGY,presentedtheKARCminutesofSeptember7th, 2018.

TreasurersReport:Alan,KB8VDA, no reportgiven asfundsremainasnotedin theSeptember 11th2018meeting.



  1. Due tothelightningstrike on the repeater, twopowersupply units were willupgradetheinsurancelistingto include these,and alsoadd thenewrotor and controlAlanwill needthe serialnumbersfor the rotorand the control boxto includewiththe insurance list Alanwill removetherotorfrom the insurance
  2. Itwasnoted that theKARCmayneed to consider upgrade of the
  3. Kenwood590isworkingonCWaccordingto Dave,WA8WV,
  4. Need to check if there isanew issue ofField Daysoftware,and mayneed extra computer.

Program:Terry,WV8V, reported theKARCmeeting Programsarerunning over the scheduledtimeandthis causesthe timefor the membershipmeetingtobe shortenedwithnot all informationbeing relayed, whichalso causesadelaythe VE testingsessions.Itwas recommendations toreducetheSocial Time,if more than30 minutesareneeded fortheProgram.Russ, KE8DMB, ProgramChair, willnotify Ann, KA8ZGY,if additionalProgramtime isneed soattoincludethetime changein the meeting announcements.

Russreportstheprogramfor October will bea QSL Card Presentation. Themembers shared that Dxingmaybe agoodprogramfor theKARCmembers.

AuxCom:Terry, WV8V,reported therehasbeendiscussion ofpurchasingtheBaoFeng radios touse whenneededandprograming on 2mtr/440.

Kanawha ARES:Terry, WV8V,reportedthattheARRLSEC,MikeMaxson,W8SI,indicatednoactionwillbetakeninregard to appointment ofanKanawha County ECuntilJanuary 2019becauseof themany changesoccurringintheARRLARES®program.Terry also indicated thattheymaydoing Drillsin the meantime.

KARCBOD Meeting MinutesSept.11th,2018


New Members:Terry, WV8V, askedfor suggestionson howto recruitnew membersfor the KARC.It wasnoted thatthe ATV group maybeinterestedin this and suggestionto place flyersatCabela’sandother outlets i.e. FMCSportsmanClub.

CramCourse -General Class: Terry,WV8V,reportstherewillbeaGeneralClassCramCoursein Octoberwithmore information atthe October 5th,KARCmeeting.

NominatingCommittee: Terry, WV8V,sharedit istimetothinkof 2019KARCSlate ofOfficers,andhe willaskFredVickers, WV8FV,asNominating Chairto move forwardwith the process astheSlate needstobepresented inNovember for voting on in December.

Christmas Meeting: Terry,WV8V,sharedthatRuss,KE8DMB,suggestedhaving theDecembermeetingasaChristmas meeting.Terryindicated this meeting wasthe Electionof Officer meeting and year end reporting.He sharedthat the JanuaryInstallation of Officers Dinner meeting wasalwaysconsiderthe Christmasgatheringfortheclub as wellas the Installation of the new officers. Russ suggested asking the KARC Programsspeakers to be invitedto attend the meetingasawayof thankingthem for theirpresentations and time.It was the consensusof thosepresentthat this wouldbeacceptable.

Therebeingnoother discussionthe KARC BOD meetingwasadjourned.

NEXT-KARCBODMEETING:    TBA,                                                        6:00PM





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