The Charleston Hamfest planning meeting was held Feb 6, 2018 at 5:30 at Shoneys on the Boulevard in Charleston.


In attendance were nine members: Randy Damron N8XEA, Jimmie Hewlett WD8MKS, Jim Damron N8TMW, Terry Sanner WV8V, Russ Dean KE8DMB, David Poe W8IW, Fred Vickers WV8FV, Rick Cummings WV8RC, and Dave Ellis WA8WV.

After meeting was called to order by President Randy N8XEA, minutes were passed out and approved. Treasurer Jimmie WD8MKS reports $3412.13 in checking and $5000 in CD, with $11.18 CD interest recently added.

Randy N8XEA showed ticket proof to group. Discussion about taking “and Computer Show” off the tickets. But group decided to leave it on since that is part of our legal name. Discussion about numbering tickets but Jimmie WD8MKS said he will stamp admission tickets with “feet” stamp to distinguish them from “extra” tickets. Randy will get 1000 tickets printed, which should easily cover this year’s Hamfest.  

OK on revised flyer N8TMW prepared—showing that we are now WV Section Convention and listing forums. Jim will send them out via E mail and ask other hams to do same on their E mail lists.

Rick WV8RC said as of meeting night, 38 tables have been reserved. Main dealers so far are Sign Man, DBJ, Debco, and Satellite Sam.

Discussion about forums:

Jim N8TMW had Emailed Dan Ringer K8WV to see if he wanted his own forum, but Dan suggested we do hour and a half ARRL/ARES Forum and he would be a part of that. So as it stands now ARRL/ARES Forum will be 9:30 to 11 in Room 1 with Steve Ewald WV1X, ARRL Field Organization Team Supervisor from Newington, Dr Jim Boehner N2ZZ Roanoke Division Director, Bill Morine N2COP Roanoke Vice Director, and Dan Ringer K8WV, WV Section Manager.  

11 AM Yaesu System Fusion II Forum with Cory Sickles WA3UVV in Room 2

Noon—WVSARC ARRL State Convention Planning Meeting in Room 2

Noon—VE Testing in Room 1

The group decided to have Friday load-in from 3 to 7 instead of 4 to 8.

Discussion made about having Bill Hunter memorial table, asking hams to bring pictures and mementos. Terry WV8V will talk to Betty, Bill’s wife, about some items.

Jimmie WD8MKS said insurance premium due of around $350, which he will pay.

Randy advised we will cancel planned March 6 meeting at Shoneys and instead plan a meeting at the Civic Center on a date to be announced.

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned.

Jim Damron N8TMW

Acting Secretary for the evening



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