The Charleston Area Hamfest and Computer Show, Inc. September 24th, 2018 meeting was held 5:30 PM at the Shoney’s Restaurant, Kanawha Boulevard, Charleston, WV.

Attendance: (7)   Randy Damron, N8XEA; Terry Sanner, WV8V; Rick Cummings, WV8RC;
                               Ann Rinehart, KA8ZGY; Dave Ellis, WA8WV; Dave Poe. W8IW; Russ Dean, KE8DMB.

The meeting was called to Order by President, Randy Damron, N8XEA.

Minutes: Ann, KA8ZGY, presented minutes of the February 6th, 2018 (from Jim, N8TMW, acting Secretary) with motion to approve to accept as presented, motion passes.

Treasurers Report: Report via ‘cell phone text’ from Treasurer, Jimmie, WD8MKS as - treasury balance of $3,812.00 with CD of $4,011.34. Treasurer’s report accepted as presented.

Old/New Business:

  • Charleston Civic Center Contract: Randy, N8XEA, reports the contract with the      Charleston Civic Center has been confirmed and we will have the North      Hall, same as last year. Date is      scheduled for Saturday, March 23, 2019.
  • ARRL WV Section Convention: Ann, KA8ZGY, reported,      Roanoke Division Director, James Boehner, N2ZZ, approved      our request for WV Section Convention on by June 30th, 2018      email and it is now posted on the      ARRL website as the WV Section Convention.We will need to confirm with ARRL      if we will have an ARRL HQ representative to attend and provide an ARRL      program.


  • KARC Table 2018: Terry, WV8V, reported the KARC Club table had      excellent response for donations and selling.
  • K8BS, Bill Hunter (SK) Table 2018: Terry, WV8V, reported there were many displays presented      related to Bill’s amateur activities and positive comments regarding his      sharing throughout the years.
  • ARRL VE Testing 2018:Terry, WV8V, reported there were 4 participants      for the 2018 testing session and the Charleston VE Group will hold the VE      Testing session for 2019. Advertisements:      Randy, N8XEA, indicated that Jim, N8TMW, will coordinate the      newspaper/radio/TV notices.
  • Scouts (Boy/Girl/Cubs): Terry, WV8V, has been      working with the Scouts related to merit badges and their interest in      amateur radio. He presented the need to improve relations and proposed,      with the consensus of those in attendance,       the Scouts (Boy/Girl) be allowed to attend the Hamfest for FREE as long as they are in full      uniform, and the Cub scouts would be no charge as they are under 12 years      of age. The parents would be subject to the regular Entry Fee. Terry will notify the Scout Headquarters      of the offer for the Scouts (Boy/Girl/Cubs) to attend hamfest.
  • Admission/Entry Fee: Discussion occurred of the possibility of      the need to raise the admission/entry fee from $7.00 to $8.00 to help      defray the additional costs. It was moved by Terry, WV8V, seconded by      Dave, W8IW, to charge $8.00 as the entry fee for 2019, motion was      approved.
  • Tickets: Randy, N8XEA, reports will need to      purchase tickets and he will proceed to the ordering from Charleston Blue Print.
  • Ticket Booth: Randy, N7XEA, reports will probably need to have      tables outs the doors to the Hall, nore to come. Terry will solicit KARC      volunteers to sell tickets.






Charleston Hamfest Committee

September 24th, 2018
Meeting Minutes, Page 2


  • ARRL/ARES®/Technical Forums & WVSARC Meeting:      Randy, N8XEA, reports will plan for these      forums.

Propose: 10:00 AM ARRL/ARES®; 11:00 AM Yaesu FusionFT8 ; 11:00 AM WVSARC Meeting: 12Noon ARRL VE Exams.


  • Technical/Education Program: Discussion regarding the      changes in the Yaesu Fusion ™ FT8 digital mode and suggestion to have Cory      Sickles, WA8UVV to do a presentation including radio and antenna      set-up. Ann, KA8ZGY, will contact      Cory ask is he is available to attend and present a technical forum      related to this subject.


  • Table Set-Up:Rick, WV8RC, report he has a same floor plan arrangement      as last year, and a few reservations at this time. Table cost $12:00 each and $10.00      additional if want electric.



  • Poster Advertisements: Randy presented for      discussion the need to have large posters to display at specific      locations, i.e. Radio Shack. Cabela’s, Keller Survival in Cross Lanes,      with decision of the group being to have four (4) posters 24” x 30” made      for display purposes and to include      all pertinent information such as      included on Flyer.


  • RADIO SHACK: Russ, KE8DMB, will      contact the Radio Shack manager asking to plan to attend, and the number      of tables needed.



  • Radio Museum:Randy reports the Radio      Museum group will be returning, and will need 10-12 tables.
  • Security: Edsil, KA8ISQ, will need to confirm he will coordinate number and location of stations. Terry, WV8V, volunteer to solicit assistance from KARC members.
  • Load-In--Set-Up: Friday,      March 22, 2019, afternoon (3:00 PM) and Saturday, March 23, 2019, morning (6:00 AM) along with other      Hamfest/KARC volunteers.


  • Talk –In: not confirmed at this time.



There being no other business it was move and approve the meeting be adjourned.

NEXT MEETING: Monday, December 10th, 2018
                               5:30 PM -------- Shoney’s Restaurant, Boulevard, Charleston,

L. Ann Rinehart,    KA8ZGY, Secretary



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