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2021 KARC Officers


President – Terry Sanner, WV8V

Vice PresidentFred Vickers, WV8FV

Secretary – Ernie Barger, KD8WMN

Treasurer – Jennifer Brown, KE8JXD

Public Information Officer – Christopher Hicks, KV8KVA

Program Director - Russ Dean, KE8DMB




Next KARC Meeting!

 Due to the Covid
Pandemic Activity

The Club Meetings

 Will be held as a

 ZOOM Meetings

 March 5th 6:30PM

The Details will be
sent out to members.


Weekly KARC net -
Sundays at 8:30pm
on 145.350 PL 91.5

Learn a ‘new way’
to communicate

during an emergency!

     Click on Pic to see story
  From WOWK-TV.

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